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Teachers love to connect their students with opportunities outside of the classroom, but amidst their busy schedules, facilitating these educational activities can be tedious, time-consuming and out of reach for most. EcoRise is proud to announce a solution –­­– a newly designed professional connection portal that will go live this spring!

We’ve collaborated with Nepris, an innovative education technology company, to produce an online tool that will help facilitate field trips and meet ups in and outside of the classroom between students and professionals in the sustainability and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) industries.

“We are excited about partnering with Nepris because they have created a simple and intuitive bridge between the business community and classrooms, enabling teachers to bring a world of careers and experiences home to their students. Showcasing everything from guest speakers to virtual tours, Nepris and EcoRise are revolutionizing the ways in which students learn about global sustainability efforts,” said Richard Kincaid, EcoRise’s Director of Community Partnerships.

Teachers will now be able to simply login to our online learning platform, indicate what EcoRise curriculum units they are trying to supplement with a guest speaker, project mentor, or field trip and suggest preferable times in order to facilitate their special classroom experience. From there the platform will automatically sort through a list of hundreds of registered professional contacts – supplied by EcoRise and our partners at the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) – and then connect them with an ideal candidate, either in-person or virtually via Nepris’ video conferencing software.

“Nepris came out of a real need we heard from educators, industry leaders, professionals and community partners alike, to reduce the barriers between industry and education,” according to the Nepris website.

We’re excited to see the ways our collaboration will link classrooms with leaders nationwide and to share the impact of student projects and community action!

Interested in volunteering with a classroom? Click here to be added to the Nepris Database!

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