Gen:Thrive is a collaborative initiative to accelerate sustainability and environmental education programs in K–12 schools.

Through a robust community mapping process, we aim to provide the information and insights needed to foster the next generation of resilient, sustainability leaders.

Our goal is to create a data-driven, systems-approach to deploy programs focused on environmental literacy, green building, outdoor learning, e-STEM, climate justice, and other related topics to the places that need it most.

While this project continues to evolve with community feedback, it remains anchored in three major goals:

Understanding the Movement Map environmental literacy programs and correlate to data indicators for equity and climate vulnerability.
Building Strategic Alliances Bolster connectivity among K-12 program providers and identify opportunities to partner and accelerate collective impact.
Increasing Support Use data visualization to create compelling value propositions, expand audiences, and drive new resources to the movement.

By mapping the intersection of social, environmental, and educational factors, we help illuminate areas of greatest need, uncover opportunities for strategic collaborations and embolden districts and partners to join forces in a way that makes sense.  The result is a clear vision and strategy for implementing environmental education into each unique community.

Imagine if every school in the country had the tools to provide a robust environmental literacy education to their students. Imagine the power of an entire generation ready and resourced to build just, thriving, and healthy communities.

The future is promising and close.

Gen:Thrive in Texas

Gen:Thrive began as a pilot project in Texas with the vision of building a tool that could serve communities across the country. The initiative launched in early 2019, mapping over 80 environmental education programs in Texas through surveys, while soliciting feedback and building technology tools.

With the data collected, EcoRise has built an array of tools and resources for the community, including these reports and dashboards:

Project Overview

Program Provider Directory

Program Trends

Program Provider Network Map

Program Provider Survey Results

The second phase of data collection for Texas launched in 2020. EcoRise is also working with other states to replicate this work. To learn more about the surveys and participate in the project, click the Learn More button or email Jaynell Nicholson at