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EcoRise’s Green Building Academy is leading the way in sustainability education and green job opportunities for high schoolers.

Our programs empower underrepresented youth to flourish as eco-literate citizens in work and in life. As the field of green building rapidly expands, we equip teachers with the tools and resources to prepare their students to enter the green workforce with highly sought-after skills and experience.

High school teachers in the Green Building Academy have access to a comprehensive and adaptable curriculum, professional development opportunities, a green professional mentor program, and workforce development opportunities for students.

Green Building Lessons for a Sustainable Future

As the field of green building rapidly expands, we prepare students to enter the green workforce with highly sought-after skills and experience. The hands-on lessons from Green Building Lessons for a Sustainable Future create a complete curriculum that can be adapted to any classroom. In addition to preparation for the LEED Green Associate credential, this curriculum suite helps students develop a sustainability mindset, empowering them to improve the health of their community, one project at a time.

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Educator Workshops and Support

The Green Building Academy inspires and accelerates educators through hands-on, year-round professional development and mentorship from green professionals. Our training and support include lesson exploration, asset mapping, field trips, presentations, collaboration, networking events, real-world application opportunities, and more.

By giving teachers the room to interact, ideate, and plan, we help them better nurture an ambitious and impactful green workforce.

Austin Green building Interns on site at AISD's new Blazier Relief School building

Green Building Internship Program

The Green Building Internship helps traditionally underrepresented students realize their power and potential to thrive in the green jobs market. Students receive wonderful real-life experiences that are well-compensated, setting them on the path to life-transforming career opportunities. 

Through problem-based lessons and real-world practice, students will participate in diverse experiences within green building and prepare to acquire the LEED Green Associate credential. 

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Call for Green Professionals

EcoRise – in partnership with the teachers, schools, municipalities, and universities – is seeking inspirational green professionals to serve as mentors, guest speakers, and/or volunteers. Green professionals will provide guidance and real-world work experience necessary to bolster interest in sustainability and to cultivate a dynamic workforce, particularly for those from underrepresented groups such as female students and students of color.

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The Green Building Teacher Institute was a great way to see how teachers from around the country, and who teach a variety of subjects, are engaging their students in sustainability.

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