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What is a green school?

Green schools are more than just school buildings with a garden or a low carbon footprint. They are public spaces that protect staff and student health, reduce environmental impacts, actively teach students about sustainability and the environment, and create a culture and community based in sustainability. In green schools, students, educators, and the community can interact with, learn from, and contribute to the sustainable features of their school building. Learn more about the impact of green schools here.

As communities determine ways to mitigate and reverse the impact of the climate crisis, the importance of including education in solutions and preparing the next generations to be eco-literate is becoming more evident. Green schools are places where this type of education and preparation can thrive. Collaboration is critical to advancing the green schools movement. Everyone from school staff and faculty to community partners, businesses, and state representatives has a role in evolving how schools support students and communities to become climate resilient.

Get Involved in the Green School Movement

EcoRise is excited to attend the Green Schools Conference (GSC) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 5–7, 2024. GSC is the premiere event that brings together everyone involved in creating and advocating for green schools. School staff and faculty, green professionals, and service providers all attend to learn how we can collaboratively create equitable, efficient, and resilient learning spaces for the next generation. You can join us to learn and get inspired by sessions covering the most pressing green school topics, including fostering whole-school sustainability culture, funding, sustainability’s intersectionality with equity, student empowerment for climate action, and nature-based strategies for education and wellness. There will be diverse learning opportunities to choose from, such as off-site tours of sustainable schools, educational sessions and workshops, expert panels, a speed networking event, and more.

If you’re looking for educational resources in advance of GSC, EcoRise has many lessons to connect your students to eco-literacy! Check out our free Introduction to Environmental Justice Lessons and our new Introduction to Climate Resilience Lessons, which are a part of our Sustainable Intelligence curriculum.

Join Us at the 2024 Green Schools Conference

EcoRise has been a proud participant of the Green Schools Conference (GSC) for over a decade because of the value this conference brings to our community and the movement. EcoRise will host sessions to help educators, non-profits, and businesses engage in the green schools movement, climate literacy, and systems change.

Here’s where you can find us at GSC in March:

  • Speed Greening Event
    Afternoon of March 5, 2024
    Create direct connections to green school resource and solution providers at this interactive and fun networking event.
  • Opening Circles
    Mornings of March 6 and 7, 2024
    Join a morning session to reflect on the previous day’s learning and connect with other conference attendees.
  • Session: Eco-Anxiety
    Tuesday, March 5, 2024, 9:00 – 11:30 AM
    Explore current research and resources to help students acknowledge and navigate emotions related to the ever-growing environmental challenges we face as a species.
  • Session: Mapping Climate Resilience, Equity, and Green Schools
    Wednesday, March 6, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
    Learn how our Gen:Thrive data mapping project answers the question, “Which children have access to green schools and environmental education – and how can we partner and strategize to bring programs to the most marginalized and climate-vulnerable communities?”

We hope to see you there! Learn more at