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Dear EcoRise community,

Like you, I believe that a better world is possible. While we are facing injustice and uncertainty, from a pandemic that has exacerbated deep inequities in our education system to a climate crisis that is devastating the very communities that have the fewest resources to respond, we know the future is not written yet. Despite how heavy these challenges may feel, the future is bright. Over the past few years, we have seen a groundswell of youth voices fighting for social and environmental justice, mobilizing and educating their communities, and influencing policy at every level.

At EcoRise, we believe that K–12 education demands radical transformation and that–with the right resources–our youth are perfectly positioned to lead the way. As the Deputy Director at EcoRise, I am proud to work with a team that is committed to equity and profoundly invested in our students’ futures. We work at the intersection of racial, social, and environmental justice, bringing life to youth programs that provide students with the tools they need to cultivate climate resilience, interrogate broken systems, and lead with conviction.

2021–2022 Austin Youth Climate Equity CouncilLast school year, our programs provided more than 320,000 students with opportunities to become leaders and advocates for healthy, just, and resilient communities. We are continuing to deepen our impact by offering more ways for students to get involved and take action. This fall, we launched the Austin Youth Climate Equity Council—modeled after our Mayor’s Youth Council in San Antonio. And we are expanding and replicating our green career pathway and paid summer internship programs like Building a Green Texas across the Texas Gulf Coast, Louisiana, and Massachusetts. But we can’t do it without our community of support, which includes you.

We invite you to join us as we transform classrooms, elevate student voices, and engage youth in the work of building a better world. Tomorrow, on #GivingTuesday, you can help EcoRise grow our youth programs by donating. And thanks to our Leadership Circle Matching Fund, your gift will be tripled! Any amount of support will go a long way in helping us reach our goal of $35,000 this winter. If you are unable to donate directly, you can show your support for EcoRise youth by starting a Facebook fundraiser or forwarding this letter to a friend.

Thank you in advance for your gift and your support of this crucial work.

Together, #WeRise!

Abby Randall
EcoRise Deputy Director