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Advancing the Green School Movement

Join us at the end of February for the 2023 Green Schools Conference (GSC) hosted in New Orleans! GSC brings together educators, school leaders, non-profits, government advocates, and green building professionals to discuss new ideas about environmental education and school sustainability. This three-day, in-person conference held February 27th through March 1st, will address topics from environmental impact, health and wellbeing, sustainability literacy, equity and whole school sustainability.

GSC annually provides green school champions opportunities to share best practices, collaborate with peer cohorts, and generate momentum to further green school actions across the country. This year, EcoRise is excited to host the the Green School Advocates, Government, & Community Partners track. Using data and tools built through EcoRise’s Gen:Thrive initiative, this cohort will explore the state of K–12 green schools, investigate program trends across the U.S., identify barriers and gaps in services, and explore opportunities for alliance-building and transformative action. We’re excited to introduce the principles of biomimicry and nature’s intelligence into our work with this cohort to generate strategies that will strengthen the green schools movement with a focus on equity, climate resilience, and systems change.

EcoRise has been a proud participant of GSC for over a decade because of the value this conference brings to our community and the movement. We invite you to join your peer cohort in New Orleans this year to participate in evolving our environmental education approaches and building strategies that encourage equity, resilience, and partnerships.

Learn More About Gen:Thrive

Gen:Thrive is a collaborative initiative that provides shared data and technology tools to accelerate sustainability education and advance health, equity and climate resilience in K–12 schools. Through ongoing community input, landscape analysis, and data visualization, Gen:Thrive is advancing the movement in several ways. Our tools offer data-driven approaches to exploring K–12 environmental literacy program avaliability and community needs, identifying partnership opportunities, and amplifying resources focused on environmental literacy, climate justice, healthy school buildings, outdoor learning, and green workforce development.

At the end of 2022, 10 states had completed the landscape analysis and another 15 states are launching analysis in spring 2023. The backbone of this initiative is participation and we invite organizations or service providers to help Gen:Thrive grow. For more information about Gen:Thrive, please visit our website,, or email