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Educators are an essential part of solving the climate crisis because they are uniquely qualified to equip the next generation with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve a flourishing, equitable future.

Youth look to their teachers to show them how to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills, access data, and apply those skills to understand the world around them. However, in a recent study by the EdWeek Research Center, three-fourths of teacher participants had not received any professional training or education on how to teach about climate change. The study also found that a lack of confidence in understanding climate change prevents educators from ingraining the topic into their lessons and supporting their students through nuanced conversations related to climate science, natural disasters, and community resilience.

This gap between the need and the reality is why Presidio Graduate School created the Climate Change Education for All program. Each of the three courses in the program empowers K–12 teachers to integrate climate literacy with a focus on solutions into their classrooms. Equity and systems thinking are ingrained in the courses, which inspire individual, local, and national climate action through education. The courses help educators earn either Professional Development hours, Continuing Education Units, or Graduate Credit. The Climate Change Education for All program is a deeply impactful program with 300 students completing courses this semester. After completing one or more of the courses in the program, 94% of educators share they are more confident in their climate science knowledge and 96% say their students will be more climate literate because of the strategies they have learned.

EcoRise is thrilled to announce that we will be the new home of Presidio Graduate School’s Climate Change Education for All program!

EcoRise was chosen to receive the program after a highly competitive evaluation process that valued EcoRise’s 15-year history of supporting K–12 educators. Adding these graduate courses to our repertoire supports EcoRise’s Vision 2025 goal of enriching and expanding our teacher professional development offerings to advance local community action and environmental justice. We’re honored that Presidio chose us to steward and deepen the impact of these much-needed courses that cultivate climate literacy. EcoRise is looking forward to integrating our resources into the courses and the courses into the work we are doing with teachers, districts, and municipalities across the U.S.

As the need to act on climate continues to grow, EcoRise can’t wait to offer these courses to our 9,000-educator-strong network and continue growing the number of #EcoTeacher’s we serve. Educators can lookout for opportunities to engage in these courses beginning in the 2023–2024 school year. If you would like to receive updates when the Climate Change Education for All Program relaunches, sign up here. To learn more about the transfer of the Climate Change Education for All Program click here.