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Dear Community,

The 2018–19 school year was an enormous year for EcoRise. We are proud to have supported 2,796 K–12 teachers across the country—from New York City to Pharr, Texas—in transforming their classrooms to provide over 156,000 students the opportunity to create real-world solutions to environmental and social challenges in their communities. I am pleased to share our latest Impact Report with you, which highlights some of the major milestones, data points, and stories from the year.

For example, this year we hosted five Student Innovation Showcase events in city halls across the country and we were thrilled to invest over $56,000 in triple-bottom-line projects, from solar power irrigation systems to waste reduction campaigns!

We also launched our new workforce development program and we are proud to be the first program globally that supports high school students in earning a USGBC LEED® Green Associate™ credential. Take a look at page 23 for a story on this award-winning program.

In 2018, our Board of Directors set an ambitious three-year goal of impacting over 250,000 students annually through a network of 4,000 K–12 teachers here in the United States. Our work today is guided by our Vision 2020 (as seen on page 28). Thanks to the support of our donors and public and private sector partners (profiled on page 30–31) we are 62% of the way to achieving that goal and are scaling the organization’s impact across the U.S. while improving our year-over-year teacher and student outcomes!

Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy our 2018–19 Impact Report!

Download the Report

Together, #WeRise

Jon Stott
Executive Director

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