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Families, are you looking for STEM and sustainability lessons to engage your children at home? EcoRise is here to help.

Our Personal Eco-Audits are hands-on, easy to use, and teacher-approved. For example, using the Personal Water Eco-Audit, students can explore how much water they use in a day, a month, and a year, and in so doing they apply scientific inquiry and math skills in a real-life, meaningful way. They then learn about the implications of their water use as they study principles of water conservation.

For the Spanish version, click here.

Free Sample Curriculum

For dozens more PreK–12th-grade interactive activities, and lessons in English and Spanish, download our Freemium Lessons today.

  • For an eco-art activity try the lesson Seed Guardians.
  • For an outdoor learning activity try the lesson Solar Boxes.
  • For a challenging and fun engineering activity try the lesson Inspired by Nature.
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More Eco-Literacy at Your Fingertips

If you and your family liked our Freemium Lessons, consider purchasing the preK–12 Sustainable Intelligence Curriculum suite, available in English and Spanish, or the Biomimicry and Science curriculum from our eStore.

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EcoRise mobilizes a new generation of leaders to design healthy, just, and thriving communities for all.

We work at the intersection of sustainability education, climate resilience, and environmental justice to elevate youth voices and advance student-led solutions to real-world challenges. We offer a range of curricula and programs designed to advance environmental literacy, sustainable schools, and equitable access to green career pathways.

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We believe...

education is the bedrock of social and environmental change.

youth have the power to design a sustainable world.

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