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One of the big shout-outs this fall goes to our community partners who supported us for the creation and delivery of the ECO-AUDIT Toolkit, a program that places students as leaders, spearheading the movement to create a healthier, more efficient campus.

The continuing surge in Austin’s population growth has created an urgent need to respond to the impact this growth has on the environment, and along with other community partners, the City of Austin Office of Sustainability, Austin Resource Recovery and Austin Water have joined us in creating long term solutions through education. Because of shared goals based on using the school building as a learning tool to develop research & creative problem solving, the City of Austin and EcoRise are natural partners in the effort to jump-start the sustainability movement on school campuses.

Each of the City departments participating has developed substantial programs and resources to help protect the environment and support Austin’s local community. Austin Resource Recovery’s master plan to reach zero waste by 2040 is a well-defined mission targeted for success, and despite the enormous challenges imposed by a long lasting drought, Austin Water consistently ranks among the best in the country when it comes to water quality.

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