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From Craig Snook, Board Chair

Did You Help Anyone This Year?

As I looked at the news on New Year’s Day, I came across an article: “Nations Around the World Start New Year in Style”. My eyes immediately went to a bolded quote in the article (by the Pope): Did you help anyone this year? Pictures in my mind of fireworks, hats, noisemakers and bubbly quickly faded away as I pondered his question. My quick answer was ‘yes,’ but realizing I could always do more. The needs are great. The opportunities are boundless.

One of the areas I have chosen to help others is through EcoRise Youth Innovations. As Board Chair the last three years, I have been privileged to see the impact of EcoRise grow and flourish in the Austin community. This would not have happened without a lot of people joining together to help others. I can’t say enough about the board, staff, interns, volunteers, businesses, foundations, schools and individuals that have given their time, money, expertise, and passion to move EcoRise forward to deliver on its mission.

Seeing the amazing teachers enthused about our curriculum and a ‘light come on’ in the minds of the students that we engage is exciting and drives us to do more.

Under the leadership of the founder and Executive Director, Gina LaMotte, we are constantly on the lookout on how we can increase the social benefit from the resources we have been blessed with. We develop and implement strategies . . . we learn from every encounter . . . we focus on outcomes . . . we measure results. We seize new opportunities while never losing sight of our vision of growing the next generation of green leaders.

To all those that have had a part in EcoRise’s journey over the past year, we thank you and appreciate your contributions!

We look forward to your continued support in 2014. We are moving forward with a sense of urgency. We will continue to make a difference . . . with your help!

The New Year is about new beginnings. I have the opportunity to learn from the past and engage in an even greater way in the community so next year when I look back, I can answer the questions of, “Did I help anyone this year and how I can do more in the year ahead?”

How do you want to answer these questions?

Thank you!
Craig Snook
Board Chair


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